Relationships can be HARD!



Feeling unappreciated.

The good news is you CAN learn to improve them with one simple tool...  

The Personalities!


Based on Hippocrates' 4 Medieval Temperaments, The Personalities is the EASIEST tool to help available to help you understand yourself AND others!

Whether or not you know anything about personality theory or personality typing, you can MASTER The Personalities quickly and easily, then use them to...

✅ boost communication,

✅ minimize conflict, and

✅ improve ALL your relationships.

Because I know a new concept can take a while to learn...

I put together this handy, 1-page cheatsheet to help you! With your Personalities Simplified Cheatsheet in hand, you will quickly & easily be able to...

✅ Remember which Personality type is which & what all those crazy names mean,

✅ Recognize the different types "in the wild" (because asking a stranger to take a Personality profile might be viewed as tacky 😜), and

✅ Reference the Emotional Needs of each type to help you navigate the trickier aspects of human relationships like conflict, gift-giving, and more!


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